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[audio]Lost Integrity-Go Where You Wanna Go - Lost Integrity
01-Go Where You Wanna Go(4:32) 02-Time Garden(3:52) 03-What You Want(2:52) 04-Mobilis in Mobili(4:18) 05-Nobody But You(2:26) 06-The Authentic Fake(2:26) 07-Maybe Another Time(2:01)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; idm; downtempo; chillout; electronic
Downloads: 873 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Bloody Romero - Jazzzzz - Bloody Romero
01-Jazzzzz(4:15)02-Intelligence = Madness(3:04)03-Rise Up(4:29)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; electronic; drum and bass; jazz
Downloads: 579 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]PK Jazz Collective-Just Unsorted - PK Jazz Collective
01 -yet another cosmic jazz(4:48) 02 -crazy oldman talks witn jupiter(4:17) 03 -ethnic jazz(3:20) 04 -a little improvisation influenced by french news of jim morrisons death(3:31) 05 -inspired by gotye(4:16) 06 -brushes(3:41) 07 -indian trip(3:19) 08 -sadness(2:42) 09 -light lounge(2:13) 10 -to the future(2:44)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; experimental; jazz; Improvisation; rock
Downloads: 1,082 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Parta Kamyati-Sur - Parta Kamyati
01-Gorlovskoe Gorlovoe Penie(5:11) 02-Kibernetika(1:03) 03-Bistrotechnost....(1:27) 04-Gusi(1:51) 05-Zvenyat Egor Letov(Remix)(1:21) 06-Simbioz(2:27) 07-Donbasskaya(2:23) 08-Kak Esli ti....Egor Letov(Remix)(2:37) 09-Edinorog(1:23) 10-Nina Nom (Remix)(3:37) 11-Cafka(2:01) 12-Tayna Loh-Nesa...(2:33) 13-Fikus(5:19) 14-Marevo(4:51) 15-Parta Kamyati Pelevin(4:27) 16-Spalktus(1:39) 17-Mixsoid(2:07) 18-Sheva(5:39) 19-Jizn Kak Smetana Egor Letov(Remix)(3:59) 20-Ya Znayu(2:27) 21-Nauchniy Atist(1:31) 22-...
Keywords: [PICPACK]; Kuchma noise; experimental
Downloads: 491
[audio]Must-Bangg-My-Korpse - Space Is Closed - Must-Bangg-My-Korpse
01-Ferum Planet(5:29) 02-Yuiryi(4:36) 03-Makross(3:51) 04-laymatron(3:49) 05-I Hate Kuba(4:59) 06-Sad Synthetic Voices(3:53)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; experimental
Downloads: 551
[audio]Yrrow-Ready - Yrrow
01-Happy Song#1(2:00) 02-Melancholic Song#1(2:09) 03-Melancholic Song#2(3:16) 04-Sad Song#1(3:22) 05-Sad Song#1(2:56)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; abstract; idm; experimental; glitch
Downloads: 568
[audio]Sun-Inside-line - Sun-Inside
01-Intro(2:33) 02-Good Eyes Brilliant Monsters(4:39) 03-Golden Section(3:01) 04-Lilliputians in tears Giants(5:09) 05-Fukushima(4:28) 06-line(6:06) 07-line2(4:41) 08-The Sound of One Hand(4:54)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; abstract; idm; experimental; glitch; ambient
Downloads: 540
[audio]Rmine - Panopticon - Rmine
01-John The Revelator (Son House chillout remix)(3:16) 02-Panopticon(4:14) 03-Crimea River(4:27) 04-Mayim(2:47) 05-Danish Wharf (Deep Techno Mix)(5:39)
Keywords: [Picpack]; chillout; electronic; downtempo; experimental; deep techno
Downloads: 413
[audio]Foundation Quartet - Chronicles - Foundation Quartet
Keywords: [Picpack]; free jazz; experimental; improvisation
Downloads: 392
[audio]Wolfgrowl - Diligent Dreamer
01-Progessive Dream(5:19)02-Lucid Dream(4:37)03-Recurring Dream(4:21)04-Daydream(5:25)05-Precognitive Dream(3:21)06-False Awakening Dream(2:55)
Keywords: [Picpack]; electronic; idm; ambient; cinematic; downtempo
Downloads: 243
[audio]Art Electronix - Clue - Art Electronix
01-Tribe(5:12)02-City Cycle(3:29)03-Empty Space(4:38)04-The Hidden Time(3:36)05-The Coating(3:03)06-Royal Club Calling(3:04)07-Metro(8:28)08-Per Se(6:08)
Keywords: [Picpack]; techno; minimal; experimental
Downloads: 203
[audio]Zhukhevich - Without Future - Zhukhevich
Zhukhevich - Without Future
Keywords: [Picpack]; dubstep
Downloads: 162
[audio]Alex Duko - Empty Spaces - Alex Duko
01-Empty Spaces(6:53)02-Because We Are(5:25)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; Drum 'n' Bass
Downloads: 314
[audio]Gumbel-Huracanado - Gumbel
01-Porvenir(2:43)02-Serotonina (ft. Boer Polar & Stolenmeltdown)(6:37)03-Falsificación Dermoestética (ft. Bit Laden)(4:51)04-Rescátame(2:01)05-Bit War (ft. Perturbator)(5:01)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; experimental; idm; electronic
Downloads: 262
[audio]Longman - Akhenaten's Dream - Longman
01-Millstone Justice(4:34)02-The Expansion Of Consciousness(5:45)03-The Reference Point(4:45)04-Soup Of The Tendons(5:35)05-Vietnamese Dub(6:23)06-Cold Wind Is Moving(5:00)07-The Social Cost Of(6:02)08-Akhenaten's Dream(4:34)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; trip-hop; acid jazz; krautrock; ethnics
Downloads: 905
[audio]Electric Mirrors-Drive - Electric Mirrors
01-The Sudden Afternoon- Archetypes(3:51)02-Little Big Horn- Western Radio Transmissions(3:21)03-The Singing Statues(3:44)04-Streetcar Geography- Stomp Box(4:11)05-The Illuminated Highway- Urban Exodus(3:00)06-Modern Life- Ritual Colonies(1:49)07-1956 Cocktail Party- Suburban Architecture(3:42)08-Get Away- Parallel Sunset(3:24)09-The Cloud Sculptors of Coral D(3:23)10-Good Night- Sleep(2:23)
Keywords: [Picpack]; electronic; instrumental; sound collage; acoustic guitar; indie pop
Downloads: 678
[audio]Hum-Home Music - Hum
01-Ambar(3:10)02-Borm(2:53)03-ST(2:03)04-Fe(2:37)05-Duf(2:04)06-Heck(3:58)07-O+P(2:05)08-RA(2:55)09-Repey(1:33)10-ST ama(2:05)11-Temn(4:11)
Keywords: [Picpack]; electronic; experimental; idm; ambient
Downloads: 519
[audio]Widiwava-HowILearnedToStopWorryingAndLove54 - Widiwava
01-Pay for Summer02-The Larch03-Time Will Pass
Keywords: [Picpack]; indie-rock
Downloads: 612
[audio]The Fucked Up Beat-Apparatus for Controlling the Mechanism of Floating Vessels - The Fucked Up Beat
01 -apparatus of control(3:39) 02 -trapdoor to escape floods(3:24) 03 -biorhythm (a love letter for anonymous)(3:11) 04 -train whistle forget-me-nots(4:39) 05 -the drought (a blister)(2:35) 06 -repaying a debt(3:43) 07 -a good day for raising ships(3:11) 08 -home movies of the 90's(2:42) 09 -disaster porn. the nihilist myth of collapse(3:39) 10 -the slow death of irony(5:25) 11 -come back to new orleans(4:18)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; experimental; electronic; avant-garde; modern classical; piano; sound collage; trip hop
Downloads: 824
[audio]Nearfield-Melt - Nearfield
01 -Melancholy(6:22) 02 -New Evolutioon(6:21) 03 -Hangar 18(6:07) 04 -Biosphera(6:02) 05 -Equilibrium(6:18) 06 -Epoch(6:35) 07 -Calamity(6:13) 08 -Dissolved Girl(5:37)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; experimental; idm; ambient; electronic
Downloads: 811
[audio]OmegaFm 1730 MHz-Survey - OmegaFm 1730 MHz
01- Nova(8:56) 02- VX(9:45) 03- Summer garden(9:09) 04- Arctic five or fifty(11:42) 05- Physics at half past nine(9:02) 06- Country 2000 years later(8:45) 07- Allphone(4:30)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; experimental; abstract; noise; ambient
Downloads: 529
[audio]Soulkeeper-Clank Steam - Soulkeeper
01 -Are You Ok(5:06) 02 -Semi Shift EQ(3:55) 03 -Electronikz(4:23) 04 -Feedback Tone(4:41) 05 -Clank Steam(2:37)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; experimental; electronic
Downloads: 580
[audio]Radex-Fin - Radex
01 -1(1:10) 02 -Minispace(4:01) 03 -Train To The Brain(3:26) 04 -Broken Era(4:00) 05 -No More Rave(3:30)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; experimental; idm; glitch; abstract
Downloads: 553
[audio]Palsekam-Fractal Fequency - Palsekam
01 -Zola-f(3:11) 02 -Globe You Heed(4:51) 03 -Aloe(4:39) 04 -Kill Rfid(4:37) 05 -Mirraball(2:44) 06 -Poloeyomi(5:04) 07 -Salat Soul(4:06)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; experimental; abstract; idm; glitch; ambient
Downloads: 649
[audio]likeicare-Ortus - likeicare
01 -Laputa(3:47) 02 -Supernova(3:42) 03 -Samsara(3:09)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; idm; ambient
Downloads: 686
[audio]Gumbel-A Dying Paradise - Gumbel
01 -Pretty Kitty Jeanie(1:47) 02 -Monotonía (3:24) 03 -Disfunctional Places (2:41) 04 -Wrong Dreams (3:06) 05 -Dying Paradise (2:19) 06 -Schizofrenico, Day 99 (3:47) 07 -Todas Las Promesas (5:02) 08 -Happy For A While (2:31) 09 -Close Your Eyes And Dream (2:20) 10 -Voluntariosos (4:08) 11 -A Night To Kill And Die (3:09) 12 -Colorear el Vacio(4:31) 13 -Mi Nombre Es Amor (2:06) 14 -Apocalypse Please! (2:19)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; experimental; abstract; idm; glitch
Downloads: 748
[audio]Longman - Split Personality - Longman
01 - Domestic Violence (4:50) 02 - Gravity Material(4:31) 03 - The Glass Bead Game(4:47) 04 - Split Personality(4:22)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; experimental; jazz; trip-hop
Downloads: 34,239
[audio]Mr.Dee - Zoo Remix Session 2 - Mr.Dee
01-Mr.Dee - Zoo(Monsieur Lunatique Remix)(8:05)02-Mr.Dee - Zoo(DJ Estio Remix)(7:56)03-Mr.Dee - Zoo(Stylus Remix)(9:43)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; minimal; techno
Downloads: 1,646
[audio]Ainst Char - Outside the Land - Ainst Char
01-Subearth(11:55)02-Stars Rotate(10:13)03-Festina Lente(5:00)04-Solar Eclipse(5:00)05-Godless Room(3:19)06-Horizon Expansion(14:24)07-Light,Gravity,Wind(13:25)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; drone; space
Downloads: 331
[audio]Cede - Agnec - Cede
Keywords: [PICPACK]; electronic; experimental; noise
Downloads: 338
[audio]Unlogic Thing-Triptych - Unlogic Thing
Keywords: [PICPACK]; electronic; ambient; experimental
Downloads: 378
[audio]Mr.Dee - D4 - Mr.Dee
01-D4-1(5:57) 02-D4-1(5:06) 03-D4-1(4:57)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; Minimal-techno
Downloads: 1,348
[audio]Yrrow-Maximalist - Yrrow
01-Maximalist(3:14) 02-Pellabo Monk(2:49) 03-Long Long Long(1:25) 04-Day(1:26) 05-Rta2(2:20) 06-Bat Song For Men(5:32) 07-Terrible Joke(3:00) 08-Rachat Bybych (feat. King Imagine)(4:00)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; experimental; abstract; ambient; glitch; minimalism
Downloads: 646
[audio]Willy Stamati - No Life - Willy Stamati
01-No Life (original version)(7:38) 02-What Do You See(8:36) 03-Parting(10:34) 04-No Life (96 kHz version)(7:38)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; noise
Downloads: 502
[audio]Karmchanger-Lines Vol.1 - Karmchanger
01 -Line 1.1(2:15) 02 -Line 2.1(2:56) 03 -Line 2.2 (5:28) 04 -Line 3.1 (4:51) 05 -Line 3.2 (1:40) 06 -Line 3.3 (1:18)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; experimental; abstract; noise
Downloads: 533
[audio]Martin R.-In Winter Colours - Martin Rach
01-Violet skies(5:23) 02-Double Ila(4:11) 03-Moonlight(5:16) 04-Dub for K.(6:25) 05-Dirty Monique(5:17) 06-Blue pill(5:02) 07-Sunrise(5:33) 08-Acidamine(4:42) 09-Theme for a Raven(4:50)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; abstract; acid; dub; idm
Downloads: 762
[audio]David Eats Rusty Nails-Even Odd - David Eats Rusty Nails
01-earthquake in the bowels of the whale(4:52) 02-fluctuation turtles(7:45) 03-Enema of my grandfather (2)(6:35) 04-Dogs costration(3:12) 05-Abyss(Bonus Track)(8:43)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; dubstep; techno
Downloads: 836
[audio]CEDE-Songs For Rumi - CEDE
01-First For Rumi(2:12) 02-The Second For Rumi(4:36) 03-Third Track For Rumi(2:12) 04-An Indication For The Number Four Rumi(5:56) 05-For Whom - For Rumi(5:20) 06-Sixth Track For Rumi(3:46) 07-The Seventh Track For Rumi(4:58) 08-The Eighth Track To Rumi(5:58) 09-Ninth Track For Rumi(5:40) 10-Tenth Afterpiece For Rumi(1:40) 11-For The Eleventh Poem Of Rumi(1:46) 12-Twelfth Ode Rumi(2:48)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; experimental
Downloads: 764
[audio]Radex-RAS - Radex
Part 1 :Apobiosis Syndrome 1-01.preparation 1-02.trip hop music 1-03.campot 1-04.no one cares 1-05.wholesale deaths Part 2 :Arcade Sound 2-01.ascon 2-02.all toys of hell 2-03.bicos 2-04.last life 2-05.edacra
Keywords: [PICPACK]; experimental; ambient; 8-bit; trip-hop; electronic
Downloads: 694
[audio]Palsekam-Line Fluctuation - Palsekam
01-1999(3:48) 02-Arika(5:46) 03-Citro(3:56) 04-Enzim(2:32) 05-F4(7:01) 06-Liner(7:43) 07-Love you(5:41) 08-Q82001(5:14) 09-Q82002(3:59) 10-Quagea(5:33) 11-Verso(3:32) 12-Winter sun(7:13)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; experimental; abstract; idm; glitch; ambient
Downloads: 610
[audio]Longman-Cockroach Races - Longman
01-Cockroach Races(5:11)02-Radioactivity(4:28)03-Blood Of Fish(7:13)04-Elixir Of Witches(5:32)05-Morrison. American Dub Prayer(5:25)06-21th Century Charming Woman(4:46)07-Electric Soul (feat.Majesta)(4:53)08-Dub For My Wife(6:13)09-Domestic Violence(4:49)10-Immolate(5:55)
Keywords: [Picpack]; dub; krautrock; acid jazz; experimental; trip-hop; electronic
Downloads: 310
[audio]Knolios - Amorous - Knolios
01-The Too Shall Pass(6:32)02-Light Ray(5:54)03-Melancholy(6:14)04-Amorous(6:14)
Keywords: [Picpack]; Dub Techno; Deep Techno
Downloads: 454
[audio]Nearfield-G5 - Nearfield

Keywords: [PICPACK]; ambient; idm
Downloads: 518
[audio]Monotrio - illli
Keywords: [Picpack]; microsound; experimental; electronic; abstract
Downloads: 642
[audio]Sun-Inside-Five Steps - Sun-Inside
01-Symbiosis(8:16)02-Spiral(5:32)03-Sport&Music-Red(Sun-Inside Remix)(7:55)04-Rite Of Spring(6:46)05-Dreams Of Dreams(5:31)06-Boogie Boogie(6:01)07-The Soul Of The Sun(6:00)08-The Bottom Surface(4:40)09-Multiculturalism(5:55)10-Legends(4:03)11-My World(5:44)12-Five Steps(6:43)
Keywords: [Picpack]; electronic; idm; glitch; abstract; experimental
Downloads: 472
[audio]Veins Of Venus-Talking Picture
Keywords: [Picpack]; noise
Downloads: 146
[audio]Longman-Guff!!! - Longman
01. Mirror Lady02. The Theory Of Improbability03. Guff04. Interesting Zoology05. Etude For Natalie06. Crystal Your Tears07. Entrance To Outsiders08. Journey To Ixtlan09. Tail Of The Comet10. Down The Rabbit Hole11. My Lost Illusion
Keywords: [PICPACK]; trip-hop; jazz; krautrock
Downloads: 339
[audio]Gumbel-Social Parasite
01-Everyday's Nightmare(3:58)02-Marvin Heemeyer(4:21)03-The Cyclic Stupidity Game(4:52)04-Recycled Hopes (ft. Burbujo)(3:43)05-Guillotine (ft. Gabigsi)(4:33)06-Heil Democracy!(5:13)07-Sick City(5:06)08-Voices of Hidden Traumas(1:46)09-Pill Fuckyness(3:55)10-Slavery's Inertia(4:06)11-Continuará...(4:05)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; experimental; idm; electronica; soundtrack
Downloads: 342
[audio]Art Electronix - WaveForm Recycle - Art Electronix
01-Brain Waves Tuning(5:11) 02-Mind Machine(2:25) 03-Mental Arms Control(5:34) 04-Not Loud(5:23)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; experimental; noise
Downloads: 511
[audio]David Eats Rusty Nails-OMG! Crab Attack - David Eats Rusty Nails
01-Crabs Are Pleased To Own Castration(2:49) 02-Crab On Pensions(3:04) 03-Crabs!Crabs!Crabs! Fuck geese...(3:24) 04-OMG!!!Prostatitis Of Old Crab(5:31) 05-Great Crabs Eaten Uterine Myoma Of Irina Allegrova(6:40) 06-My Hungry Crabs Bite Through Trans Trunking Vein My Stepmother(4:46) 07-Ejaculating Of Crabs(4:42) 08-Crabs Depend Of C17H19NO3(2:49)
Keywords: [PICPACK]; Dubstep
Downloads: 1,374
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